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Offshore Development Centre The demand for Offshore Development centres is profoundly increasing. Businesses and enterprises found the ODC models as the best approach towards developing full-fledged digital solutions. With its increased demand and popularity, the ODC engagement is helping business cherish in the best way possible. Businesses can now leverage and adopt ODC in a seamless manner as the best Offshore Development Centres like DxMinds Innovation labs are imparting global standard services.

What exactly are Offshore Development centres?

Offshore Development Centers are a kind of engagement model that help business enhance their bandwidth thus boosting profits and revenue margins. It adds more value to the organizational frameworks. So what exactly is an Offshore Development Centre? Well, it's quite simple. Suppose an organization based in the USA is an IT company. They have their infrastructures and resources established there. For them, the overhead costs including the resource allocation cost, infrastructure cost, etc will be very high. In that event, they look for countries like India, where they get wide access to a large number of resources and infrastructures that help them save about forty to fifty percent of project costs than in the USA. Though they alone cannot set up their infrastructures as it is a tedious job, they associate with companies that help them set up Offshore Development Centres. In an ODC model, the vendor company hires and manages resources, who work exclusively for the client company. ODCs are the extended version of a company overseas, yet the management has full authority and control over the team.

DxMinds Innovation Labs- the best offshore development centre

We are DxMinds, your ODC partner overseas. We help you set up full-fledged Offshore Development Centres, where our resources employ seamlessly for you, in accordance with your organizational standards and regulations. We showcase a wide array of flexibility and accuracy in the ODC services we deliver. Our ODC models are highly customizable and they fit the perfectly for you. It helps you minimize the costs and add a great amount of value to the delivery. We have experience associating with leading enterprises for setting up ODC centers that are driven by technology and innovation. Our ODCs are just your company, extended overseas, active round the clock. We have access to a wide range of talent pools, that help us in meeting your requirement in a hassle-free manner, that too more way productive.

Off Shore Development Center in India Bangalore

What makes our Offshore Development Centres stand odd?

  • Great value offer
  • End-to-end resource training activities
  • Round-the-clock availability
  • Resource supply meets demand
  • Highly flexible employment contracts
  • Pre-setup environment and infrastructures
  • Progressive and cost-effective

Imparting the best to make you stay ahead

At DxMinds, our mission and vision are keenly focused on delivering impeccable services to our prestigious clients, thereby making the impossible possible. We leverage the best use cases and real-world applications to make it happen. We love hooking up to new challenges and accomplishing them with one hundred percent and more satisfaction. Our Offshore Development Centres are the perfect examples of our commitment to our clients. We help you set up offshore centers that meet your requirement and we go on pursuing your organizational goals, that too by strictly sticking to the preset norms and regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The ODC engagement model of ours is highly flexible and customizable as per the requirement. It can be easily enhanced based on the project size and requirement.

We have access to a wide range of talent pool that we can supply you with the right amount of resources at any point in time.

ODCs help you save 40–50% revenue and it works the best for anyone.

We have a wide access to various talent pools and before supplying the resources, we make it sure they are capable of delivering value to the table. However, in a case were you are not satisfied with our resources, we will allocate another resource at the earliest. We have highly flexible employment contracts.

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It was a great pleasure to come into partnership with DxMinds. I appreciate their attention to details and their creativity in bringing my idea to life. I am so thankful in the ways they supported me in making this dream a reality.

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