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Hire Data Scientist in India

The world is witnessing the advancements put forward by data science and to make your business parallel to it, we help you hire the best data science Programmers in India. DxMinds Innovation Labs is committed to delivering reliable and accurate data science services in the most viable manner by offering top data science resources that take your business to the next level. Our mission is to supply you with the best available resources from our talent pool, who are capable of combining processes and best industry practices that not only deliver efficient services but help you scale your business in a better way.

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    Hire world-class data scientists at Affordable Cost

    At DxMinds, all our attention is keenly focused on meeting our customer requirements to its fullest by regularly offering them resources that add more value to their organizational frameworks. The resources we hire are onboarded after various rounds of intensive interviews that one can notice that such resources meet and greet the market standards and requirements. The services offered by the mix and match data scientists we allocate for you is all you need to stay ahead of the race in this tech-savvy era.

    Our approach towards delivering data science services

    Figuring out business Challenges

    Our first step towards imparting our full-fledged data science services is to identify ing your complex business challenges. Our team of Data Scientists carries out an end-to-end conversation with you in figuring out the obstacles that keep you apart from running a successful business.

    Understanding and defining the objectives of the problem

    Right after addressing the challenging business obstacles, we go ahead with a mission of understanding it in detail. We leverage various tools and resources to come up with various metrics that define the objective of that problem.

    Data acquisition

    The next step we adopt is data acquisition. We collect data from all the possible authentic sources such as databases, web servers, APIs, and various other sources. A bulk amount of data is mandatory to come up with the best model. So we never miss out on the least of the chances to collect as much as data possible.

    Data cleaning

    Though the data gets collected from various authentic sources, it still needs to undergo several filtration processes. This is because the data may have incompleteness, minute errors, missing fields, duplicate values, etc. Data cleaning is a long process and takes much time.

    Data transformation

    Under the data transformation process, the data gets transformed to the expected scale from the current scale. There are several tools available for the data transformation process. In a nutshell, the data transformation is mapping of the data to its next level.

    Data analysis

    The transformed data is then analyzed in-depth and is refined based on its ability to add value while developing the model. This process ensures that the model is built leveraging the right set of values.

    Data modeling

    Leveraging various machine learning algorithms, our top data science resource comes up with the most viable model that fits the best for the business requirement. The perfect model is achieved as a result of continuous training and retraining of the models.

    Data visualization

    After the perfect model is achieved, the data can be displayed in various visualization forms like maps, graphs, etc. This is done to make the user understand the parameters in detail.


    Once the customer feels comfortable with the data visualization process, we go ahead deploying the model into the internal frameworks of their business.

    Why need for Data scientists in India?

    Data has turned out in being the new oil. Millions and billions of data are getting generated from various sources a day. These data can help any business flourish if leveraged in the right way. It is in this context that the data scientists come in to picture. Leveraging the data generated, data scientists can come up with various data models that can help business analyze their performance and deliver more to the customers as per their requirements.

    • Business challenge identification

    • Prediction and forecasting

    • Help scale the business

    • Avail precise and customized data models

    • Enhance sales and revenue

    • Boosts productivity

    • Operational Optimization

    Industries we cover Our remote MEAN stack developers have skills in various industry verticals. Hence, we provide you the development solution based on your particular industry.

    Here are some of the industries our developers have mastery:

    Our highly flexible Hiring model

    Offshore development center

    Under this engagement model, we help you set up your offshore development center overseas. By doing so, you are given the right to stay ahead of the end-to-end development process, but the difference is that we help you deploy resources and infrastructures all from the scratch. All the activities like payrolls, resource training, infrastructure management, etc. remain our responsibility, which lets you stay away from all hassles involved.

    Turnkey Co-owned Project

    Turnkey and co-owned project, also known as a fixed cost model is our hiring model which allows customers to availing projects as per the pre-mentioned pricing structure. There will be a deadline under which our resources accomplish the task.

    Build Operate Transfer

    Build operate transfer, also known to be BOT model is a kind of engagement model wherein we supply with all the necessities to our customers including infrastructure, amenities, resources, etc, and make it a perfectly operating system. We will also transfer the entire system including the entire ownership of it to the customers upon requirement.

    Hire Data Scientists

    Technologies and tools we use

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    Why Hire Data Science resource from DxMinds?

    End-to-end data science mastery

    Rapid delivery team

    Access to the latest libraries and tools

    Flexible team

    Profound industry experience

    Strict NDA policy

    Frequently Asked Question's

    There are a lot of algorithms we have mastery over and some of them are Naïve Bayes, Random Forest, Logistic Regression, etc.

    Our resources come from profound data science experience that they are able to take your project to the next level, no matter what.

    We are committed to serving one hundred percentages to our customers. Our resources are highly capable of delivering precise, yet jaw-dropping services to our customers that go beyond and above their requirements. Our resources are the best when it comes to meeting deadlines.

    We have very flexible engagement models such as BOT, ODC, Turnkey, and co-owned projects.

    It’s purely contextual and depends on the size, volume, and complexity of the project.

    Our resources always scale up to meet our customer requirements. However, in an event where you need an alternative, we will take it to the top-level immediately ensuring that it doesn’t affect the project flow.

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