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Hire TensorFlow Developers in India

Gear up your business by delivering outstanding services that include data flow graphs, complex computation, OCR, ICR, and Tensorflow chatbots. At DxMinds we support you to hire dedicated Tensflow developers that are experts in their niche and capable to meet and beat your business requirements.

By leveraging google’s open source library Tensorflow, they shape out incredible machine learning powered applications that compete with global standards and parameters. Our resources fuel up your business in a very flawless way by executing precise ML services that streamline and automate your conventional business framework.

Our mission is to make to your search for the best Tensorflow developers more worthy and efficient by assigning you the talented and well-trained resources that benefit your business in multiple ways by their innovative concepts plus solutions.According to your project mission, you can plan to hire Tensorflow developers on a monthly, hourly, and full-time basis.

Hire Dedicated Developers

    Speedup and Optimize your business by hiring Tensor Developers

    Tensorflow is an open-source software library used for dataflow, deep learning, and Machine learning solutions. To step on to the hyper-growth path you need to hire world-class tensor developers, engineers, architects, and consultants perfectly fit your requirements.

    With our talent network, your digital product desires are given to the right hands at the right time.

    Our resources not only aim to deliver the project effectively but also intensely desire to support you build hyper growth environment over your technology and your product. They undertake the best principles of the agile approach for software development and implement it to project areas to ensure the highest efficiency and transparency. We handpick and supply you the Tensorflow superstars precisely fitted for your product, industry, and company culture.

    The resources we assign to you are on boarded by outperforming various challenging rounds of interviews just to ensure that they can handle and brings out the best result in your project.

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    On-demand Tensor developers for hire

    Hire experienced Tensorflow developers from our talent pool. We steadily supply you with the right talents for any project type or size at any time. Our resources are excellent when it comes to giving a turn to your idea into reality. They follow the advanced development techniques and methodologies and come up with a modern solution that in turn lets you deliver brilliant services to your end-customers.

    End to End Tensor flow development services our resources offer

    The offshore tensor flow developers we supply to you provide fast deployment and steady support for the Tensorflow development project. Regardless it is Tensorflow 1.0,2.0 or a more advanced version our resources hold expertise in everything.

    Image Recognition

    Our remote Tensorflow developers integrate convolution neural networks to help machines to analyze and identify images spontaneously and precisely. Driving in parallel to all the updates and innovation in the tech era, our resources are phenomenal to deliver incredible ML solutions that help you take your app concept to the succeeding level.

    Conventional process automation

    Automation tools are transforming the conventional way of business processes. For building and implementing such tools you need to hire Tensor flow programmers in India that hold expertise in constructing automation tools and help you to modernize and technologize your supply chain management, sales pipeline, and financial operations.

    Advanced Business Analytics

    With cutting edge tools developed by our offshore Tensorflow programmers you can avail end –end information you required and even analyze and examine data to make the correct decision to minimize the business risk. The Tensorflow resources we onboard and authorize to your project renovate your organizational structure by the best usage of the latest tools and technologies .

    Tensorflow Chabot’s

    Your customers are the main key to make your business successful and competitive. To win their trust you need to be available round the clock to answer their queries. Hire Tensorflow developers in India from the house of DxMinds who build and integrate user-friendly chatbots that humanely interact with your end-users by being available 24/7 for solving their queries.

    User Behaviour Analysis

    Understanding and figuring out your customer’s interests are very essential to deliver remarkable customer service that matches their requirements and desire. We help you to hire Tensorflow programmers well-versed in delivering powerful analyzing tools that educate you about your user’s interest so that you can turn them from visitors to long term customers.

    Enterprise Tensorflow applications

    Hire enterprise Tensorflow developers at DxMinds to leverage the best use of Tensorflow to strengthen your business. Our resources help you to remodel your enterprise operations by making the best use of Tensorflow framework. The services imparted by the resources are scalable, reliable, and secure, and as well as add more value to your business at the same time.

    TensorFlow Maintenance and Support

    Maintaining Tensorflow applications plays a remarkable role in examining its success and to make you stand alone in the trending market our resources impart the best Tensorflow support and maintenance services that exceed your customer expectations. We possess access to recent tools and technologies that offers outstanding customer experience.

    Why to choose TensorFlow?

    Our resources leverage the full power of the Tensorflow framework to offer you productive solutions.

    • Bring faster results

    Our resources make complete use of deep learning algorithms faster with the TensorFlow.The framework supports appropriate training over multiple machines implies you can get results faster plus precise

    • Create Algorithms with ease

    Get the best outcomes in less time before choosing your deep learning team. TensorFlow makes it smooth and easier to construct algorithms with a tremendous number of accessible pre-built functionalities.

    • Streamline and standardize your operations

    Pick a solution that has already been demonstrated to be accomplished across enterprises. TensorFlow is available in the tool stacks of various worldwide IT players, including NVIDIA, Twitter, Uber, and Snapchat.

    • Withdraw costly errors 

    Hire Tensorflow programmers in India that make your machine learning algorithms liberated from bugs and regular human errors so the results remain productive. TensorFlow has different functionalities incorporated that empower simpler debugging and keeping your deep learning working hassle-free.

    Industries we cover We are committed to offering magnificent development services covering different business verticals. Our talented experts have the practical experience to offer specific industry solutions that suit for business.

    Our Flexible Engagement Models Known for Diverse Requirements

    Once we get your project requirements, we introduce you to the flexible engagement models that come with numerous productive advantages.

    • Offshore Development Center 

    Under this ODC model, we help you to extend your in-house team overseas by supplying you with the dedicated offshore resources that work more productively to accomplish your project needs. This ODC model reduces half of the burden of resource hiring, training, and maintaining their payrolls.

    • Turnkey Co-owned Projects 

    Turnkey co-owned project is known for its effective benefits in terms of quality. You can choose this model if you have definite project requirements, scope, and other criteria. Under this model, according to your project goals you can hire TensorFlow developers on a monthly, hourly, or full-time basis 

    • Build Operate and Transfer

    BOT Engagement Model is one of the demanding engagement models we represent you with. Under this model, we provide services from scratch. From setting an infrastructure, amenities, hiring resources to operate the complete project smoothly. By coming to the last phase we legally transfer the ownership of the entire systematic system to you if required by you.

    Why DxMinds for Tensorflow Developers?
    • Agile Development team
    • Rapid delivery 
    • Flexible engagement models for different requirements
    • Ramp up and Ramp down resources
    • Strict NDA signed for privacy and security 
    • Easy knowledge retention 
    • Complete control and monitoring of resource

    Frequently Asked Question's

    It’s not possible to estimate the cost without knowing your requirements and project goals. As the cost to hire tensor flow developers entirely depends on the chosen engagement model, functionalities, product features, and other aspects. To know the cost of Tensor flow developers share your project requirements with us and know the exact economical cost.

    We frame 4 different pricing models

    Offshore Development Center (offshore team monthly, hourly and Timely manner)

    Turnkey co-owned project

    Build Operate and Transfer Model

    Yes the resources you hire from us will dedicatedly work on the project as your in-house employees. You will have complete control over the candidates through the different communication platform 

    After thoroughly examining and analyzing your project requirement, we handpick the resources that suit and fit your project scope. And still, if you are not satisfied, then we provide you the opportunity to conduct a challenging interview to test their skills.

    Our mission is to make your project successful and if the assigned resources don’t perform well we provide you the replacement policy by supplying you the another skilled resource

    Our resource believes in the agile development technique and comes up with the best development outcomes.

    There are plenty of benefits of hiring dedicated and skilled developers 

    • You can fill the skill gap in your in-house team 
    • Complete control and Monitoring over the development process
    • Hiring a dedicated team empowers you a quality assurance
    • According to your project goals you can choose to include or expel the resources
    • Highly benefited for delivering and launching the products rapidly within less time

    You will truly have complete ownership of your project. Your project privacy, confidentiality, and security are our main concerns for that we sign strict NDA, copyright, source code, and more.

    No of course not at all. We are highly committed to this factor and guarantee that your license keys, patented processes, trademarks, or algorithms will not be used anywhere.

    The effective hiring process for Tensorflow developers is presented below:

    Requirement Gathering

    Project analysis 

    Team selection

    Choosing the hiring engagement Model

    Begin your project

    Performance Monitoring 

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