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Hire Offshore Developers In India

Bring a Fast turnaround in your digital journey with Offshore Development Services

Want to hire offshore developers to drive better outcomes faster? Then associate with DxMinds highly committed to supporting you to set up a reliable offshore development team.
Software development has grown by a wide margin over the last couple of years and it doesn’t show any indications of easing down in the coming years.

The competition in the development industry is deadly increasing and to sustain in this evolving era you need to build and deliver quality products rapidly and effectively. For that, you need to avail of the offshore development service in India that brings productive benefits in terms of speed, cost, and quality.

DxMinds helps you in building your offshore development team that performs efficiently by focusing on your project goals and empower your business to reduce the time to deploy the products.

Hire Dedicated Developers

    Strengthen Your Business by Hiring Offshore Developers

    You need a superpower to match the growing demands and expectations of the users in your industry. So hiring our offshore developers can be the obvious solution. By this you’re not only leveraging the lower cost talent, you are even building a highly skilled team that’s a worth driving extension for your business.

    Our offshore resources create experiences that are durable, simple to use, and drive valuable results for your company’s growth. Finding technical resources seems to be easy, but getting those who are trustworthy, committed, and believe in the long-term customer relationship is hard, and that’s where DxMinds come into existence with a reliable Offshore Development team that boost up your business for the long run.

    We hold experts in all modern and latest technologies who are all experienced and well-trained. Whether you are looking for Mobile app development, Custom software development, Web development, Saas development, IoT, Big data, Cloud Migration, or Quality assurance service, you can get any skill resources from our end.

    Hire offshore developers from us to seamlessly build and deliver industry-specific development projects.

    hire offshore developers

    Access different skilled Developers that Fits Your Project Requirement

    Whether you looking for one specific resource or a different skilled resource, you can discover a handful of offshore talents when you align with DxMinds

    Mean Stack Developer

    Leverage full-fledged MEAN stack solutions with an updated and new methodology. Unify and empower your team with offshore resources to get the development job done 2X faster.

    Mean Stack Developer
    Mobile App Developer

    Mobile App Developer

    Vitalize your Mobile app development process by building apps on famous platforms. The exceptional android and iOS app development services imparted by our experienced mobile app developers perfectly fits your requirements.

    AngularJS Developer

    Our resources follow best development practices and come up with effective web, mobile, and cross-platform solutions by infusing angular.

    AngularJS Developer
    Python Developers

    Python Developers

    No more hiring full-time in-house resources to accomplish your short-term goal. Save your development cost by hiring Python developers for specific needs and requirements.

    Nodejs developer

    Best Class Nodejs development service can ignite your business and add great value to it. For that, we supply you the highly professional and accomplished Nodejs developers.

    Nodejs developer
    React Native Developer

    React Native Developer

    Hiring Offshore React Native resources empowers you to build a flexible team that can be scaled with the changing needs of the market.

    Hire Blockchain Developers

    Our blockchain experts support your company to build innovative blockchain solutions that set your business to stand alone from all other competitors.

    Hire Blockchain Developers
    Mern stack developers

    MERN Stack Developers

    The Mearn resources we assign will have perfect expertise in MongoDB, ExpressJS, React JS, and Node JS to create futuristic websites and applications.

    Why Hire Offshore Developers?


    When you face an upsurge in your business, you don't have to run away from that. Access to additional capacity offers you the chance to scale your business without recruiting full-time resources. You can get the right hand through our Offshore Full-time Development services. This would give you a project team, without hiring another full-time employee.

    Fill out the Technical Competency

    Concentrate on your technical strengths. Let the in-house team handle the rest. For instance, you can focus on keeping the design in-house and send technical work to the overseas team. Try not to extend your technical reach excessively slender. Do what you are good at, and include our offshore resources to add tech abilities.

    Cost Savings

    Are you running off with the budget? Whether you want to cover a part of a project or an entire project, you can get quality service at an economical rate. Unlike hiring a full-time employee, where you have to provide medical advantages or PTO, we, the leading offshore development service provider, lift your burden by taking care of employee pay, health insurance, and other benefits working your project.

    Scaling Your Business

    When your goal is to expand your business, implement the low-risk growth technique. Hiring an offshore development team in India is one of the best and most cost-effective approaches to scaling your business. This gives you a safety advantage and spares you from terminating additional employees if your business slows down.

    Concentrate on Business Development

    As the CEO of your business, you need to keep the target on strategy, growth, and team development. Task down the project management and technical work from your niche and hand them to a trustworthy partner like DxMinds. Based on your business priorities we fetch you a loyal offshore development team.

    Our ODC Development Service

    Our ODC Development Service
    • Custom Software Development

    Our resources push themselves to a greater extent to deliver excellent services and believe to bring the best out of your business. They help you in delivering the best custom software development services that meet and productively beat your requirements.

    • Web application Development

    Glorify your web app development by hiring offshore programmers having mastery over several web domains. We adequately examine your project requirements and assign the resources that fit smoothly into it.

    • Mobile App Development

    Make DxMinds your dedicated offshore development partner and avail the highest benefits in Mobile app development solutions. Define your Mobile app requirement’s once, and our resources passionately combine art, creativity, and technology expertise to carve out the innovative solution

    • Quality Assurance, Testing, and Maintenance

    Quality matters everywhere. Hire our Offshore resources to get exceptional quality assurance, testing, and maintenance services 

    • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence is an advanced technology for building new-age applications and our resources are knowledgeable and updated in creating the programs that mimic human behavior in your business.

    • Machine Learning

    We take complete responsibility to handpick the best skills that are parallel to current market trends and technologies. The ML programmers we assign you are capable to address your business challenges by streamlining its end to end operations.

    Why Hire Offshore Developers?

    Offshore Development Model is an excellent solution if you need complete authority over technical resources that participated in your development process.

    ODC highlights a significant level of transparency, security, flexibility, and scalability. All infrastructure and complete offshore teams are at your dedicated services as long as you need them on a monthly, hourly, or project basis. ODC is a top choice if you need a team of highly qualified experts that will precisely match your IT and business needs.

    DxMinds’ hiring models are more flexible and customizable according to the business goals that enable you to hire offshore developers from India under your budget.

    Dedicated Team

    Hire Offshore programmers from DxMinds in India and extend your in-house team or build a new project team with a varied skill set in technologies like Java, Python, android, iOS, React Native, Full-stack, etc. As per your project requirement and completion or addition of a specific task you can choose to ramp up and ramp down the resources.
    -Complete Transparency
    -No Hidden cost
    -Pay for the amount of work assigned
    -Monthly Billing

    Dedicated team
    Time and material
    Time and Material

    Suits for long-term project development where your requirement changes as the project progress. Here you need to pay only for the time and resources spent on your project. The model supports the agile development process
    -No hidden cost
    -Project-based resources

    Turnkey Co-owned Project

    You can opt for this model when your project requirement and scope are specific and the costing structure is mutually agreed upon by both parties. Under this model, you can focus on hiring offshore resources on a monthly, complete, or project basis.
    -No set fees
    -Milestone-based Pay
    -Pay for resources

    Turnkey Co-owned Project
    Why hire Indian offshore developers from DxMinds?

    -Access to a wide pool of Expert IT talents with a diverse skillset

    -Set up your offshore infrastructure with outstanding facilities 

    -Strict NDA signed for Privacy and security 

    -Transparent Engagement Process and dedicated Reporting system 

    – Successful Project Handling and Delivering Experience 

    -Technical and Troubleshooting Knowledge

    – Highly secure solutions


    Frequently Asked Question's

    We can’t estimate and highlight the cost without analyzing your project requirements. As the prices vary on developer skill and experience. Contract us directly to know the cost of offshore developers and build quality apps for your business.

    DxMinds uphold a team of diverse skill developers with a minimum of 3+ years of experience. Our developers are capable to work for businesses of any size or type and always be ready to go with the latest technology to come up with advanced business solutions.

    Of course, if you’re not convinced implies we’re not convinced. In case if you are not happy or satisfied with the developer’s performance then we shorty replace that developer.

    DxMinds have a strong and trustworthy team of 100+ in-house developers with an average of 3+ years of experience, holding huge expertise in different skills Angular, Node, React, Flutter, Ionic, and more.

    Yes, you will have complete authority over the hired resources. Our developers regularly communicate and interact with you regarding project updates via digital platforms such as Skype, emails, Google meet, and calls .

    We can’t give you a fixed time for any project as it totally depends on the project size, type, integration, features, and functionalities.

    Yes, that is our main concern. DxMinds signs NDA with all its developers and even business clients to ensure it’s safe and confidential for your company invests in.

     We offer IT Staff Augmentation and IT resource services where we take care of staff, manage them, and support Offshore Development teams as per your project goals.

    Whether you need one developer or a dedicated team, we are here to support you of all kinds. Once you tell us the number of resources you need, within a short time we assign you.

    Discuss your project requirements with our sales manager they systematically guide you through the complete process.

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